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Wow are twinks in thier own bracket

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Level 19 hunter twinking guide

Wow are twinks in thier own bracket
Wow are twinks in thier own bracket
Wow are twinks in thier own bracket
Wow are twinks in thier own bracket
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While nobody likes the level 19 with the Crusader Enchant, this article is meant to be informative, not a soapbox for denouncing and insulting people whom we disagree with. Some degree of twinking is encouraged by the game; I know my alts always have 4 Runecloth bags waiting for them when they reach town. Nothing is gained by purely point-of-view commentary; readers can evaluate for themselves. In a way, a twink is like a low-level version of an "epic'd out" level 70 character. However, it is quite impossible to have all the equipment that a twink would have without having a high-level alt, because it would be impossible for a character to have all that equipment and still be at that low a level without another source. Money is easily made on the auction house by anyone with a small amount of time to invest even starting with a tiny amount of money. I started on my own with no level 60 characters on a server and now have three twinks 19, 29, and 39 all with purchased libram enchants, AQ enchants, and the best weapon enchants for their class.
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You decided to make a level 19 hunter twink? It won't be easy, or enjoyable, until your character is Battleground-ready. They are also able to track both humanoids AND beasts in their minimap, making them invaluable scouts as well as high dps nukes and with the right race and profession combinations they can even get self heals, making them much more difficult to kill. The bad news: Hunters have a fatal flaw - a line of sight which limits how often they are able to attack.
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